Insurance and Billing

Medical Insurance and billing serves as a bridge between a healthcare provider and the patient’s medical insurance company. Using software instead of trying to manage most or all of the details by hand with paper documents drastically speeds up the entire process.

The below image is shown a example of work thats provided by Vsk green innovation.

Project Type :- Medical Demographic Data Entry

Work type :- Simplified Data Entry (No Calculations)

Software:- We Provide

Payment:- Security Provided

Eligibility:- Company or Firm

Duration:- 11 months contract period (Renewal up to 36 months)

Total Working days:- 30 days per month

Work Flow:- 4000 forms per Month/ per seat

Minimum no. of slot:- 5 PC’s (1 Slot)

Rate per Form:- 40.00 INR. Per Form

No of Fields:- 36 Fields

Data Transfer:- Monthly

Billing Cycle:- Monthly

Signup:- Onsite/online with Indian End-Client

Training:- Provided free

Technical Support:- 11 Month’s

Quality Software:- 24*7

Hiring Support:- Free provided

Software Timing:- 24*7

medical insurance and billing

Medical Billing

Medical Billing is the process of submitting health insurance claims on behalf of the patient to various health insurance payers for the purpose of acquiring payment for services rendered in a medical facility.

Patient Data

The top of the CMS 4000 Form reflects the Patient Demographic Information, such as the patient’s name, address, date of birth, sex and insurance information.

Medical Data

The middle section of the CMS 4000 Form reflects the patient’s medical data, such as date of injury or illness and the diagnosis of the patient as reported by the physician.  The patient’s diagnosis is reported using a code from the ICD Coding Book.

Services Rendered/Charge Data

The lower section of the CMS 4000 Form reflects the services rendered by the physician as well as the monetary charge associated with each service provided.  The services rendered are reported using codes from the CPT Coding Book.

In addition to gathering data and submitting the insurance claim form to payors, it is the responsibility of the Medical Biller to ensure that the data is accurate and that the claim is adjudicated properly.  Payments coming from either the patient or the insurance payor are posted to the claim by the Medical Biller.  Any remaining balances are then either written off, adjusted or pursued in collections