Voice Project

Voice bpo project in vsk greenIn BPO Voice Projects you need to talk over phone. It could be inbound or outbound howsoever non voice BPO project will the be one where you do not need to talk verbally. Or there are blend of both voice and non voice project.

Vsk green innovation provides BPO Voice project jobs that involves phone calling with customers either inbound telemarketing or outbound telemarketing. Non-voice project job involves work in computer & internet like email handling, chat support, messages etc. The best part of both the process is you get very quality team training. The training session given by Vsk Green Innovation is very informative as you get a b refreshers are provided after a brief period. There is inbound and outbound calls process. Voice Process Jobs include interaction with customers or clients over the phone either by inbound customer service or for outbound telemarketing.

Inbound Voice Process

This is the process when customers call the BPO to inquire about a product or service they need. When a customer calls the BPO, they are automatically transferred to an agent who will answer their questions or help them find the desired product or service.

The agent will listen carefully to what the customer says and provide the right information. The agent will help the customer to resolve any issues related to products or services and offer any additional information that may be needed. The agent will inform the customer if the problem has been resolved and provide instructions on how to proceed if the problem needs to be addressed further. 

Voice Process is mainly 2 types

Inbound Process:- In this process, you have to handle the incoming calls. Customers call to seek help regarding technical support, raise a complaint, billing issues, etc.

Outbound Process:- The customer care representatives have to call up their customer and pitching the product. They have to call their customer for reason such as: To resolve an issue, to sell a product, for explaining latest offers.